Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 24, 07 General Update

I have an event to be at tomorrow so I traded leg day for arm day. I didn't want to walk funny tomorrow, but it may be hard to shake hands!!!!

I'm co-teaching a class on Race Literacy to medical students. Go figure, never thought I'd be teaching at the Med School! It's cool that most of the time people see me as a teacher and ask where am I teaching now...

I got to pass by Chicano Studies on my way to the medical school. I think I'll see about going back to school. Probably not for music. I think I'll get a masters in something, but not sure what just yet.

My weight is staying in the 188-192 range. That's fully clothed so I know it would be less if I weighed in without shoes, but the point is that it is not dropping.

My wife and I talked about getting back into politics and La Raza Unida specifically. Should be fun. Still working on the Jazz stuff with the idea that figuring out jazz will help in other types of music. We'll see!

I'm jamming Thursday night at Blue Jeans in Albuquerque. Sometime between 9:30 and midnight. Usually I'm on closer to 10, but you never know. I got to jam again with John Mancha and Rudyboy last week. Little Bo also came and sang. I really beat up my accordion the last few months, but got it worked on over the weekend.

I'll be performing at the Range in Bernalillo on Saturday at 7:30 if you go out that way. Also, I'll be recording with a new friend on Sunday.


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