Friday, August 24, 2007

Three Tips for the Price of One!!!

Today is the end of the fitness challenge. I will be following up regardless of how I did. I don't think I lost pounds, but hopefully I look at least a little different. I'm definately stronger.

I'll go back to toning up for about a month or so to let my body recuperate from all of the heavy lifting. So mostly cardio, but still keeping the lifting going and going up slowly in weight, but at a more moderate pace.

OK, here's your tips, and remember KEEP LIFTING CABRONES!!!!!

Eat This for Better Blood Sugar
When you want to grab a blood-sugar-balancing snack, which is better: a fresh apple or a slice of rye toast? Go for the bread -- as long as it's whole grain. Getting about 17 grams of grain fiber a day (the kind found in whole-grain breads and cereals) could slash type 2 diabetes risk by a third, research shows. And rye bread seems to steady blood sugars best.

All About WOMEN: The Best Calcium Source
Tablets, chews, fortified juices, dairy products -- where should you get your calcium? One recent study suggests dairy is best, with a calcium supplement thrown in for good measure. In the study, women who got at least 70 percent of their calcium from dairy -- and the rest from supplements -- had better bone mineral density than the supplement-only group.

All About MEN: Prostate Health? Mission Possible
Evading prostate cancer could be a little easier if you'd put more of these on your plate: cruciferous vegetables. Turns out sulforaphane -- the compound that makes the veggies in this family taste a little bitter and smell a little funky -- can help disarm prostate cancer cells before they do any damage. Here's the cruciferous lineup.

Team Green (and White)There's no surefire way to prevent prostate cancer. But your risk is greatly affected by your diet and everyday habits. For example, how much broccoli you eat. And how much cauliflower. These veggies -- along with cabbage, kale, and bok choy -- belong to the cruciferous family, and research shows that this family may put the kibosh on prostate cancer like no other veggie group.

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