Monday, August 20, 2007

Aug 20, 2007

Was feeling crappy this morning, but figured since I was going to Max test on Friday, I'd workout heavy today, and moderate and light on Tuesday or Wednesday in order to recuperate before trying super heavy on Friday.

So I did bench press today:
135x5; 185x3; 205x2; 225 for two partials, I was not sure I could get them back up and that's not good without a spotter that can help you get it off your neck! LOL! Then I did 185 for 10.

I did Pulldowns also:
80x10; 100x5; 120x1; 130x1; 140 for two partials, just because I couldn't get it all the way down!!!

The rest of the week will be lighter and also focusing on the elliptical machine. I came in at 189.2 today. Down a little from yesterday. The lightest I've weighed myself in the last 11 weeks is 188.0 - hopefully I'll be below that by Friday!!!!



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