Friday, July 27, 2007

Returning Home

Lots to catch up on.

Mostly got to get back to working out and eating normal!

My car was stolen while we were gone so I'll have to get another one. Didn't make it to Las Vegas, but we will eventually. Did lots of fun stuff and had lots of good conversations. One interesting conversation was my son asking why his Nina and his Tias didn't want their kids hanging out with him. I remember my tias being the same with me, like I was the one getting their kids to smoke pot or ditch school. My cousins usually did that before hanging with me, but because I didn't hide stuff when they did it with me it was more public. Then they made it out like it happened because they started hanging out with me.

Oh well, I'm doing OK and struggling a little less than most of my cousins so who knows. Hopefully my sons gets to talk to them instead of ending up like me and not talking with my Tias very much anymore. They are hard feelings to put aside.

Anyway, I'll be driving in a few. More to come next week.


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