Monday, July 30, 2007

July 30, 2007

Orale Pues Raza!

Weighed in today, I was at 188.8, which is down about half a pound from my last check in, which is awesome if you consider being on vacation should be fattening!

In between my sets this morning I picked up dumbbells and walked around - I think the proper name for it is Farmer Carry. I got up to 55 lb dumbbells.

Bench Press -135x10; 185x4; 200x2, x2; 185x4; and ended with 135x12.
Lat Pull-down -70x10; 90x8; 100x5; 110x3. Next week I'll try to get reps out of 120.

I'm going to stick to 135, 185, and 200 for my bench and just try to get them up to sets of 10. When I last benched before vacation my collar bone area would hurt after each set. Definite strain. It was good today. I have some shoulder pain, but it doesn't seem related to lifting.



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