Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random Goals!

OK, if you've read this long enough you know I'm not losing tons of fat really fast!

You also know that I'm probably in better shape than I let myself know about...

After talking to our torturer - cardio class leader - she showed me that when we adjust for age, I'm above 90 percentile in strength. Pretty damn good. But I never settle do I?

So I looked up some charts at home (and this is not age adjusted so it may be high) but it has a scoring from 1- 10 points for different lifts, and I'm trading the leg press for squatting.

So to score a 48 which would be excellent - I would go for 8 in each area (skipping squats which I'm just guessing on - and 9 and 10 will be in the parenthesis!).

So here's what my arbitrary goals are:

Bench Press 245 (265, 285)
Arm Curl 110 (120, 130)
Lat Pull-Down 205 (215, 225)
Squat 300 (340, 375)
Leg Extension 130 (140, 150)
Leg Curl 110 (120, 130)

Of course that's at my current weight since all of these are based on percentage of body weight. So I will adjust these to my new body weight as it starts to go down.


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