Friday, June 15, 2007

Mas Real-Age Stuff 6/15/07

Say "No" to One-Night Hamburger Stands
Just one trip through the drive-through won't hurt . . . right?

True, one fast-food meal may not immediately go to your hips. But it will hit your blood pressure hard and fast. Here's how one fatty meal offends your arteries.

Unhappy Meal
In a study of healthy young women, one group was given a fatty fast-food breakfast (two hash-brown patties, a sausage breakfast sandwich, and an egg breakfast sandwich), while another group took a low-fat morning meal (cereal, skim milk, fat-free yogurt, fruit bar, and orange juice).

Duress Mess
Two hours later, the women performed a stressful task, like timed math problems or public speaking. The result? The fast-food group didn't fare so well. Their blood pressure readings went extra haywire from the strain. Not good, because overreactive cardiovascular systems are associated with problems like high blood pressure and heart disease.

The DASH diet...
[So much for the quick drive thru lunch I just had! Chingao!]

All About YOU: Rise with Red Pepper
Here's a little known secret for curbing your appetite: red pepper.

Red pepper, when eaten early in the day, decreases food intake later in the day. Try adding a little to your egg-white omelet in the morning. Here's how it helps control hunger.

Capsaicin CatalystThe capsaicin in red pepper may get the credit for
decreasing appetite. The heat-giving ingredient appears to stop sensory information in the intestine from reaching the brain. It basically kills -- or stuns -- the message that you're hungry. Capsaicin may also give your metabolism a boost.

For a breakfast that will really fire you up, add cayenne, hot red peppers, or jalapeno peppers to a frittata. These hotties all contain capsaicin.


Interesting stuff!
i agree!
it's pathetic how much i love McDonalds bfast :/
besitos y abrazotes!
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