Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29, 2007

Still working out. No weights this week.

Went to the doc to check on my blood pressure the nurse got 132/98 and the doc got 150/104. He felt that if it goes down to 132/98 at times and isn't constantly at 150, then I would do better by losing 20 pounds instead of getting on meds.

So there's my goal!

# # #

Banned a kid from my house yesterday, have people calling me about work problems after work, people constantly asking me to help them with problems, and people constantly asking me what they can do for me. I think I just need space. Then people get hurt by my needing space. It sucks, but I guess I gotta take care of me and if people get hurt by that, they'll have to deal.

Can't wait until the funeral is over. And I haven't been that involved. I just know I'll feel better. Feel bad for my homegirl and my bro, and my Compadre... My Comadre wasn't old yet.

Siguenle Adelante!!!

hola mi amor :)
I am glad you are well. I am so sorry about your comadre. Estoy pensando en ti.
20 libritas, you can do it!!!!!
ps...te voy a mandar lo de Flickr :)
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