Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 14, 2007

Did walk today. But I have an even better announcement. I tried sprinting on Saturday and my leg is no worse off than before. So now that it is warmer here, I'll try going to the track on the weekends and do some jogging and sprinting!!!

I plan to lift tomorrow and Friday just to get my body moving again, and then have a program figured out to start on Monday! I'm thinking I'll do moderate for a couple of weeks (3 sets of 10), and then increase weight so that on week one (after the two warm up weeks) I'll be lifting for sets of 10. Then each week I'll shoot for heavier weight - 2nd week will be sets of 9, 3rd week sets of 8, etc. Then when I get to sets of 3, I'll go back to sets of 10 to allow my body some recuperation and cycle it that way.

Hopefully I'm not full of crap!!!!


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