Monday, March 26, 2007


Didn't run because I was feeling like I had a cold, and it was cool and rainy. But I did ride the bike yesterday and this morning. Got a good sweat going.

I'll be trying to lift on Tuesday and either Thursday or Friday morning. Oh, and I'm still doing good on the no soda thing. Since I don't have a scale, I can't say if I've lost any weight. But I'll be tracking my waist size. The highest I could get it to - yes I tried that instead of sucking it in - was 43 inches. So somewhere between 40-43 is where it is at. My goal will be to get that down below 40. When? As soon as possible.

I'll measure again later this week. I'll also do my blood pressure next week. It went down 4/6 points, but it is still above the 130/90 suggestion. That will be my goal. I'm hoping I can do that by the second week of April. I go to my doc in May and want to have something solid I can build on. In February I was at 122/90, and my glucose was 92. So hopefully I can get back to that range by May.

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RealAge tips:

When You Snooze You . . . Win!

Corporate culture has it wrong: When you snooze, you win! A daytime doze is a stress buster and heart protector. Just 30 minutes midday, three times a week, is all you need. Middle-aged working men who did just that cut their risk of a fatal heart attack and other heart problems by a whopping 37 percent.

Although the study focused on working men, women would probably benefit as well. Naps are a great stress reducer. You've heard how stress can damage your health, but how it causes heart disease remains unclear. Blame the stress hormones that course through your veins when you are under pressure. Researchers think these hormones may damage organs, glands, and blood vessels. Or bad influence could be at fault, because stress can drive you to unhealthy behaviors like smoking, overeating, and skipping your workout.

What is clear about stress: Pressure-cooker jobs increase your chances of accumulating risk factors for heart disease, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

So for sweet dreams and a more relaxed (and happier) you, do as the Spaniards do -- take a siesta! Can't nap on the job? Catch some midday ZZZs on the weekend. Just be sure to set an alarm clock -- sleep too long and you'll have trouble sticking to your regular bedtime.

Your Skin Loves Carrots

For healthy, glowing skin, make like a rabbit and eat your carrots. The crunchy snack and Bugs Bunny prop is loaded with vitamin A -- a good-for-your-eyes antioxidant that appears to be great for skin, too. It helps balance the pH of the skin's surface, making it slightly acidic. That's good news, because slightly acidic skin fends off bacterial invaders.

In addition to getting enough vitamin A in your diet, keep an eye on how much fat you eat. A recent study suggests that eating too much fat will suck moisture from your skin, which means fine lines and wrinkles have no place to hide. Should you drink more water? It can't hurt. Water provides your skin with more moisture, and it helps balance pH. But there's no reason to overdo it.

So what kind of pH do you want, when it comes to your skin? Ideally, it should be slightly acidic: A pH ranging from 5.4 to 5.9 is good. When skin pH is outside this zone, it can interfere with normal skin functions, such as protecting against bacteria and repairing or protecting itself against damage. Other nutrients that might affect skin acidity: calcium and beta cryptoxanthin -- but only in men, according to a recent study. Researchers speculate that hormonal differences between genders may be the reason certain nutrients affect men's skin, but not women's.


Awesome, amor! You are doing really, really well. You worked out evern when you felt sick..that rocks!
You'll see that BP # go down in no time I just know it!
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