Friday, January 26, 2007

Huge Compliment

I know this is a health blog - though its been more than that often - but I want to share this huge compliment I got yesterday.

I had gotten home from work and was thinking of taking a nap. This young guy who lived across the street from us for about 9 years called asking to speak with my daughter. She wasn't home. After he told me to have her call back he said "I wanna tell you something." I said sure. And he went on to tell me that he appreciated that I always offered to be there for him and that I was like a father he never had...

It's great to be appreciated.

I'm glad this young man took the time to appreciate you. I think you have made a big difference in a lot of young people's lives but they aren't mature enough to let you know that and you have made a big impact on lots of adults, too.

You're a wonderful man. Thanks for being My Best Friend!!
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