Wednesday, January 24, 2007



OK, I'm out of walking again for a couple of days. I can walk, just not for extended periods. I went into the garage last night and realized that its definately warming up here in Albuquerque and I should be able to start getting back into it soon!

* * *
I realized last night that I am having lots of mixed feelings about the boys leaving the band. I was trying to recruit a friend's daughter to play drums and she said maybe to me, then her mom mentioned it to her and she said a loud NO!

My thinking is that the best thing is to let the kids work it out themselves, but I also don't want to be too long without band activity. Luckily being in music classes takes care of some of my angst. Also planning for a small home office and studio will keep me busy.

It would be easier if I had my computer at home, but my cousin is fixing it and what was a one day project has turned into a week. It's great 'cause its free, but the time drags out stuff. I had wanted to do some stuff on the computer to give to the kids for Xmas but it was getting fixed. I want to get some stuff done soon, but its getting fixed. So is my car! I'm not having much luck with things getting fixed quickly - well, except for me.

Anyway, it still seems like things are going well at home and at work. Thanks for the comments Becky and Robert. I appreciate it!

KEEP doing sumthin!

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