Wednesday, January 10, 2007

1/10/07 Getting Back On Track!

OK, I walked for 15 minutes this morning. I walked a little over an hour on Monday night. So I'm starting to feel back on track. Of course there's the lag time before the weight and fat will start to come off, but it will be worth it.

I started taking 400mg of potassium and magnesium this week. Hopefully that helps with the blood pressure.

* * *
I got new responsibilities at work, which may not help the blood pressure, but hopefully the nice little raise will reduce some stress.

* * *
Thanks Becky for the comments. Its always encouraging. And how cute your picture with the cat and your cool glasses.

I'm really missing Smacking... I hope your well homegirl.

I'm also missing my old work buddies. But there is a lot of good stuff going on here as well. Too bad the State blocks blogs. But hey, soon the Gov will be President and we'll all be under the happy big brother system!

* * *
Here's an interesting article about Revolutionary Leadership.


Hola Amor!
Awesome job on getting those walks in :) And thank you for the great tip on the pedometer!!
Let me know how the potassium and magnesium is working for you...and CONGRATULATIONS on that raise!!!! I am so happy for you, Carino!
Muchos besos y abrasos. Espero que pases un feliz fin de semana!
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