Monday, October 30, 2006


I worked out yesterday - arm workout. My biceps are hurtin! I'm getting back in a groove and I like it. I walked a lot so no bike riding. But I'll get on again this week.

Tomorrow or Wednesday will be chest/back workout. And maybe Thursday or Friday I'll do leg curls and leg extensions. Just to keep working out while I figure out healing up my hip.

* * *
The boy wants to move out. Damn. The interesting thing is that for the most part he says that we're OK parents but he wants to be on his own. He says that the potheads are non-judgemental and all of the non-potheads are very judgemental and lots of stuff along that line. He's also dealing with a lot of pain, but we're just getting to where he can get stuff out of his system.

I let him go to his cousins for a couple of days. Maybe the space will do him some good. Otherwise I'm just *ucking up as a parent, but we'll see.


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