Sunday, August 27, 2006

Max Bench Y Mas!

OK, I had the nephews and my son at the house yesterday so just for fun I thought I'd see what my max bench is. Having three spotters and all.

Since I'm concerned about getting a six-pack by November I figured I needed something positive. The other part of my 40th birthday challenge is to bench 200 pounds by 11/22.

So I warmed up with 115, then did 135 for 1, and then 155 for one, then 165 for one. I had to then change the plates out and did 175 for one, then 185, then 195. I said, what the hell and put 200 on the bar. And what the hell - I got it up! So I've met that part of my challenge! I'm happy and now will figure out how to keep that max bench while I lose weight. I think it's doable. Guess I have to focus on the gut now!

* * *
Also went and protested Mayor Marty's cancellation of the Rock Out With Your Cause Out Event. It was a good turnout. Even the APD anti-terrorism team showed up! How absurd this idiot politician is!


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