Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 29th y Mas

Today is August 29th, aka Chicano Liberation Day or Raza Memorial Day. In 1970 in East LA the Brown Berets, MEChA and other organizations gathered thousands of Chicanas and Chicanos for a Moritorium Against the VietNam war. At that time Chicanos were counted as 5% of the population, but 10% of the casualties in Nam.

The LA County Sherrif's Dept. attacked the demonstration and turned East LA into a war zone for several days. Reporter Ruben Salazar was assassinated by Sherrif T Wilson. Two Brown Berets were also killed that day.

It is commemorated annualy since 1980 by La Raza Unida, Chicano Moritorium Committee, and many other community based, progressive, and revolutionary organizations.

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I'll do my leg worktout after work today. Definately feeling yesterday's chest and back workout!

* * *
Still trying to encourage the kids to play music. They want it, unless they feel like I'm "pushing" it. Go figure. They won't take lessons from other people either!

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There's some interesting stuff on this Tattoo Blog.

Amor y Rebeldia!!!

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