Friday, August 04, 2006

Aug 4, 06

Not too sore from yesterday. I'll up the weight until it's a good tough challenge. I didn't do any cardio this morning because the volume was turned all the way down on the alarm clock... Oh, not by me by the way.

I'm gaining weight again but don't know what to attribute it to, other than beer and a shortage of cardio.

* * *
I'm waiting for a call to interview for a job. It feels like forever, but it really hasn't been that long.

My thought is that if I don't get this job, I'm gonna give up the pretentiousness of government and non-profit work to apprentice as a tattoo artist... Who knows. It's just a thought. Maybe I just need to take some time off.

Any thoughts?

* * *

What To Eat Before You Exercise
For a long, lean, dream-machine body, reach for the right protein bar.

Just ask Ahnold. Getting a little extra protein can improve the results of crunching, curling, and lunging. Protein bars are the quick solution. But what kind? Soy and whey (milk) protein both increase lean muscle mass, but soy has an antioxidant edge. So when you're eyeballing the protein bars, pick one that does double duty.

Remember No To Forget
Where did you put the remote? A bad memory may not be the problem.

Instead of remembering too little, you may be remembering too much. All that information -- especially the useless kind -- can clutter up your brain. The real key to a good memory is being selective: retaining the relevant and discarding the unimportant. Whether you can actually retrain your brain is unknown, but don't forget to give it a try!


I think a career change is a good thing, E. I've done it twice already and it is truly liberating. Find your passion.
Hope that you lose what you gained.

A trainer told me that carbs and protiens together were good post workout food.
Awesome tip!!
I always wonder what to eat before a workout.
Espero que estes bien, carino!
Muchos besitos!!
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