Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Aug. 15, 06

Thanks for all the great comments! They were either totally supportive or in the "ouch that looks painful" category! LOL!!! Thanks for the comments on how it came out and the design. The design and rough draft were mine. Mark Wills of Custom Tattoo Company did the final interpretation onto my chest. He's a great guy!

* * *
Yesterday was back and chest day. I have to say, I tended to be much more careful on my bench press with a fresh tattoo than I ever have been before! You definitely don't bounce the bar on days like that!!!

I was going to do legs today, but my stomach was doing it's own workout. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday. I'll still do an arms workout this week.

* * *
For those STILL considering a tattoo after the picture of the freshly swollen chest skin picture, I'm more than happy to help you come up with a design. I figure if you're gonna permanently color your skin, it should be original, or fairly close to.

A co-worker was giving tours of the office to new people. When they got to my office, he kept telling these people, "If you want a drawing for a tattoo come to this guy. No, I'm dead serious."

I asked about the apprenticeship at the shop on Saturday, but Mark didn't mention too much about it, other than it was two years of free labor and it was worth it.

I'll see if I get this job offer before spending too much energy on it. Right now, I have two drawings done on me. A co-worker, the guy in the paragraph above is going to get a 4 leaf clover with a double trinity symbol inside each leaf. (We searched the internet for two weeks and didn't find another tattoo with the same symbol so we felt confident it was pretty original - for you Celtic types.) There are four sisters, two of which have worked with me, who want something that includes a nautical star, flowers, and tribal - without being "too big." If they get that, I'm definitely getting pictures. Another co-worker wants something done. I'm going to work on a sleeve of the Mexica Sun Stone on his arm, but with a couple of twists. And a sister-in-law asked me to draw up something for her back. If all, or any, of these people follow through, I'll post these up as soon as I get pictures. Either fresh, or healed depending on when I get the pictures from them.

I may scan my drawings and post them just for fun. It's a little easier than posting music. Which of course you can listen to at the Mezcla Experience myspace.

* * *
Tonight its back to the studio for some touch up work. I can't get the kids to do everything I want, but they do more than lots of kids would. They kicked ass Sunday and Monday nights on the radio as well!

OK, back to work!


Thanks for stopping by! I've got some tattoos, and I'm itching for a new one. I am hoping when I go to Vegas in a few weeks I can get one. I have a black cat that goes down my whole back, and I'd like to get a pumpkin near the paws to symbolize my love for fall, and my one year anniversary.

I'll check back again soon.
Hi! I got into tattoos recently.
Love your blog articles.
I've created my own blog as an ode to the art form. :-)
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