Wednesday, August 09, 2006


First of all, I thought I had a poor workout yesterday, but I'm sore today!!!

It was low energy, but also focused. So I guess it was good enough. The scale says I'm gaining weight, but my clothes seem to fit the same...

I went walking today even though it was my "day off." I haven't done much cardio so figured that would help out. They are filming a movie, it looks like, at Highland High School, so people registering for school are having to go to the Performing Arts Center across the street - wow, and kids get suspended for "disrupting" the normal school process!

* * *
I have to send a great big shout out to my homie Mauricio! He went to the studio with me last night and did some harmony tracks for the kids. We'll be working on those this Sunday.

Also, on Monday, we'll be on KUNM to do an interview about our gigs and upcoming CD! If there's a direct link to the interview afterward I'll post it!

* * *
My son starts school tomorrow, and he's hating that because his sister starts on Monday. Hopefully he sticks it out. He's a junior and is super smart, just not motivated for school. Then again, he's a good guitar player until I ask him to play something.

Overall I have to recognize that my children are awesome, but occaisionally make some poor choices. They are good overall, respectful, thoughtful at times, good musicians, and supportive of their family. This goes for all my kids (nieces and nephews included).

My daughter is still having a hard time accepting how wonderful she is. Actually most of the kids do. But that could just be that teen confidence issue that seemed so common to me. Then there's the overconfident kids. But I don't have too many of those around - they sometimes try to act that way, but I see through it.


I always think I have poor workouts when I leave the gym. The sorenes sthe next day proves otherwise!!
You are an amazing and patient dad. It's important that you understand your kids the way you do.
Muchos besos y carinos!!!!!
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