Friday, August 25, 2006

8/25/06 Body Fat Check

OK, got the body fat check - and besides the Alibi screw up I'm still a guy - and it went well.

My arms are sore from yesterday's workout. Oh, the results huh? OK, bodyfat is 22.3, up 0.2 from last time, but I also gained 8.02 pounds of muscle! So the new numbers are - Body Weight 176.7 (up 10 pounds), Fat weight 39.36 (almost 3 pounds up), Fat-Free Weight 137.34 (the 8.02 increase mentioned earlier).

So I'm happy. I still need to lose 2 pounds a week from here to November. But I'll figure that out. I'll just have to kick butt! And I'll probably have to get the exercise bike.


You're body fat is better than mine! I'm working on it right now though with a trainer. I should be down to your % in 2 more weeks if all goes well. Sorry to hear you were called a woman. LOL. Oops eh?!!

Keep up the work!!
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