Thursday, August 24, 2006


It's close to August 29th. I'll post something on that later or tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my bodyfat check and having been out of it the last few days probably ain't gonna help, but oh well. I'll just have to push harder for the next couple of months. Like really hard, like I need the exercise bike big time, because my legs and lower back just get hammered by running hard. So I think I just need to lose some weight and keep trying to run, but supplement with something that doesn't jar my body as much.

I did get to my arm workout today and it went well. I'm at the edge of what I can do without pulling on my shoulder too much, I'll just have to keep going up slowly and coming back down and be persistant.

* * *
My son's working so we didn't get to work on anything yesterday, and my nephew goes to another school now so I don't get to work on stuff with him. I did get my daughter to work on the A blues scale for about 20 choruses. I'll get some more in this week. I'll hit this key for about a month. I'll get her on the E blues scale next week and have her working on two scales to stretch her thinking. She says she hates "jamming" but I think as she gets used to it, she'll like it more. She does much better than she thinks so I'll just keep reinforcing it.

As for me, I'm wiped out, I come home and need a nap. I'll have to figure out ways to relax and recuperate better.

My wife read the blog and bought "good" chocolate yesterday, it is better - no sugar rush.


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