Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Today is the day off. Tattoo is healing up some. Minor soreness in my legs. Tomorrow I'll try arm day again.

* * *
The adult band has a new guitar player. It changed the dynamics a lot. Also got a nice check from the last gig. More than I expected!

* * *
Maybe I'll become a guy who develops tattoo "flash" - those tattoo posters in the shops. We'll see if I really invest the time into developing the skill of tattooing - There's already lots on my plate.

But - maybe this is a sign to check out a graphics art program at CNM or something like that. I'll probably check out a book by MikeGiant

Stuff to ponder.


I am sure you are definitely talented enough to do it. AWESOME!!!!
You rock!!
Muchos Carinos!!
I could never get a tatooe. I'd end up a giant doodle. :-)
I love to doodle
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