Friday, August 11, 2006


A little bit of sorenessin my arms, that's good as I'm trying to pound them hard.

I hope to go jogging on Saturday and Sunday to catch up on my cardio.

The scale says I'm back up to 180 even. We'll see what the bodyfat is when we get to the 25th! Wish me luck and lots of energy to workout!

* * *
My son is already hating school, its his second day. And of course as worried parents we don't let up enough. I caught myself and stopped and then tried to talk with my wife about it. She's just too worried to let it go. I don't think I was necessarily gentle with her, but we had talked about it already, and she just started up as soon as he sat down for breakfast. Of course, I fall right into it once they start.

I tried reminding him of his value and intelligence on the way to school, and that I got his back. I hope that helps some, but he went to "check out" this school with an extra dose of feeling crappy.

* * *
The bank balance is at $0, which likely means we went over... Crap! As the kids get older and gas keeps going up, I don't see much changing financially which of course is stress which of course doesn't help me lose weight much! CRAP!

I realized this morning that I haven't had my 6 meals a day for about a week and a half because I've been trying to save money. I just kinda did it on auto-pilot, didn't think much about it.

Well at least I think I'll be interviewing next week for a new job. Hopefully that goes well and they don't take TOO long in getting back with me. I know it will be at minimum a week as the person making the decision will be out all of next week.

* * *


If you're trying to lose weight, for heaven's sake don't starve.

Instead, change what -- not how much -- you eat, so you walk away from a meal feeling full, not frustrated. Instead of a big bowl of spicy chili, have an equally big bowl of zesty gazpacho; instead of a wedge of berry pie, have a whole pint of juicy strawberries. In other words, cut calories and fat, not portions. It works, say scientists.

Not thrilled with what you see in the mirror? Have a little chat with your reflection.

If you tend to beat yourself up about your perceived physical flaws, try something called "mirror-exposure therapy." Here's how: Look at your reflection and describe your body in objective, nonjudgmental terms. For example, instead of saying "I have fat thighs," say, "My thighs are fuller than my calves." Changing the words can gradually change the negative feelings behind them.

* * *
Chicano Tattoo Artist of the Stars "Mister Cartoon"


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