Thursday, June 22, 2006

June 22, 06

Good leg workout today! I was feeling some burning on the quads, hams, and calves! First time for that.

* * *
One of my best friends came over to help the kids with vocals last night. The week before they were all excited and ready, then my homeboy shows up and they were trying to avoid it.

Also, I played with my homeboys group a couple of weeks ago and the guy paying seemed to have shorted me $50. I was complaining that it's too bad, not because of the money, but because I like to play music with this guy. But he popped out $25 and told me he'd take half the hit with me.

What a cool guy. I tried to apologize for the kids being kind of stand offish. Then he tells me don't apologize for your kids being kids. How cool is that!

It's almost time for my alone time. Might be good.


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