Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 20, 06

My back workout was interrupted by a phone call. Two of my nieces were sleeping in a friend's car when the mom went out and saw them. She said she'd call the cops so they needed a place to stay. So they are at my house for today.

I hope they figure out getting their stuff together. My family is driving to San Antonio on Friday and I told the girls, they need to figure out something by then. I don't plan to answer the phone or the door for a week and a half. I got lots of thinking to do so this will be good. I'll work on straightening out parts of the house that have been on my nerves for a few years.

My chest is sore, and I think my abs and back may be sore tomorrow as well! Such is progress.

Oh, its nice to have people tell me that I inspire them. Very nice. Thanks!


I hope you have your time alone to think. :)
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