Sunday, April 02, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Mezcla Experience - my kids band performed for Herman Jr. from AltaVista Records. He wants to put them on a CD by the end of MAY!!!!

How freakin' cool is that. I'm happy as f*ck!!!

Oh, yeah, I ran 5 and a half hours this weekend, but right now I'm happier about the band. Even went and had my ritual celebration meal - Der Wienershnitzel - yes I know this is health blog, but what the hell! My kids are recording artists!!!!

So its my two kids, my nephew - who is basically my kid, I feed him enough! my other nephew who is a rapper, and maybe another niece who sings.

It's all very cool. And my sis is watching to learn how the hell I do this blog chingadera.

Bueno, there's lots of meetings tomorrow, so I'll have to figure out when to workout.


Wow, how exciting is that? Congratulations on the CD!!! :)

**tossing confetti**
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