Thursday, April 20, 2006

4:20 - 06

Today is "4-20" - marijuano day for those who may not know. I'm hoping the kids out there will be careful and stay out of trouble!

I skipped running this morning because my leg and shoulder are really feeling bad today. Yesterday was tough on my left side for some reason. So I'll use today as my rest day. It's probably OK not to workout 7 days a week.

Anyway an ever loyal reader named "Machi" sent in this link for an article on the Best President since Bill Clinton! This is an article that should be shared with everyone.

And what exactly is the Dub smoking?
"Worries about the nuclear standoff have helped drive oil prices to record highs, with Brent crude trading above $74 a barrel on Thursday after a steep drop in U.S. gasoline stocks." Iran Scoffs at US Threats. And I thought Ronnie Raygun was gonna get us killed.

* * *
MAY DAY Is the birthday of this blogito. This year will be the 120th Anniversary of this wonderful day that started the campaign for an 8 hour day. Now may be the time to step it up to a 6 hour day, family leave, 4 day work week, true living wages (as opposed to "minimum wages"), full health care, increased vactaion time, etc. Maybe the 125th Anniversary of May Day we'll be on our way to some real changes!


Wow. Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary of your blogito!!! :)
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