Wednesday, April 19, 2006

4/19/06 News

People Staying Alive Longer; hey maybe this blogito is making a difference!?!

Ok, maybe not THAT much - LOL!!!

Some Fear Immigration Protest Backlash; the history of this country is that many worker rights came from May Day work stoppages. Unfortunately people are now worried about "looking bad." I for one, support a one day economic shut down! There, I said it. The lesson students learn from missing one day of school will be that they are part of something larger, something more powerful than the pieces of paper which tell them they know something.

But hey, that's what this is all about. Learning and figuring out things on our own.

On the other hand, Oil Prices Above $72 a Barrel! That can't be good for the average Ford Explorer, or any other, driver!

Not exactly on topic but always pertinent . . . guess who's
"On The Cover of the Rollin Stone"?

(Hint: the greatest pres since B Clinton)

I'm dreading what is going to happen to prices at the pump. I remember to this day going to buy gas in California, in the 70's at the advent of the "oil crises" then, and on that day there was no gas, no matter what the cost. Prior to that day, the cost had been about 47 cents and after that day it never went under $1 something again. What will we see now at the pump? $4? $5 a gallon? I have to wonder.
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