Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Next meeting for the Albuquerque May Day Events: Thursday, April 20th at 5:00 PM at El CENTRO de Igualdad y Derechos-- 1701 Broadway SE (southwest corner of Broadway and Southern- south of Cesar Chavez- past "La Esperanza" store. We are attached to the church on the corner).

Tentatively there is a plan for a rally at 3pm then a march at 5 to
another rally point. Hopefully things will be finalized by Thursday.

* * *
I'm sore from my bench workout. I did 3 miles in 30 minutes this morning! Wow, I really am in better shape than I thought! Boy it was dark and chilly at 5:30 this morning. LOL! I can feel that I worked my lungs.

I checked my weight at work and I'm at 169.2. Not bad. I'll start checking it again. My next bodyfat check-in will be May 19th.

* * *
So my son decided to take off with the one working vehicle and get high. Luckily I was able to guess where he was at and brought him home. I didn't yell, I just got him home and told him he obviously screwed up. That he shouldn't ask me to drive anymore, but I'd let him know when he could drive. I also told him that I'd figure out his grounding later, but to assume he was grounded.

My sister was stressing on my nephew for some stuff too. Man, what a week.

So I'm balancing kids, marriage, work, music, organizing and working out. It seems that I should be more wiped out. But it seems that I get these good spots in my mood, then have crashes. I think things will be alright in the long-run, just rough for now.

* * *
I was talking with my best friend yesterday. There was a point where I've been wondering why anyone likes, or respects, me and all of that crap. Suddenly it came to me about my best friend from how we talk. While I see that my parents left me, that my family ostracized me for being "spoiled" by my grandparents, that I went to 5 high schools, got "divorced" from the Navy, was strung out, etc... My friend, and some others of you reading this blogito, sees me as someone who has overcome problems with school, drugs, broken family, violence, etc.

That's a huge difference. One that I'm trying to internalize as my son, daughter, nieces and nephews go through issues. Things will probably be alright.


You have a lot on your plate. I give you a lot of credit for how you approach your life, and the positive attitude you work to maintain.

Good for you. :)
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