Monday, April 17, 2006

4/17/06 I Feel Chingon!

OK, that's quoting Dr. Loco's version of "I Feel Good" (really called "I Got You") by James Brown.

Thanks to MR, SkinnyGirl, Smacking, VT, my family, and my office for the great support on my run...

After dealing with some heavy @ss feelings the last few days - OK, maybe longer than that. It was great to feel good. I made the run, 24 miles. It took 7 hours, but I was running the whole time I was moving! After leaving early and getting to the bottom of Tomé hill before hearing from my water crew, I felt that I had learned that "I came into the world alone, I'm going out alone" - still not the funnest lesson. But after some time to sit with the fact of making, and making it alone I realized that what I need is really within me.

I think I'll be calmer about the kids, but still trying to nudge them in directions that I think are good. I can kinda tell people care about me. Just look at the awesome messages left on the last posting as an example.

So I went psychologically into hell for a bit last week, and I came out a little singed, but I think also a little stronger. I'm realizing lots of things. And it must be good because my wife told me last night that my eyes look happier. I think that's probably true!

Talked on the phone with my bestest friend for a long time after the run. I had vented lots of harsh crap earlier and was glad to have a chance to go more positive. I don't think I've made the 10 days on the Mental Diet, but I'm doing really well overall.

* * *
I got up at 5am and worked out this morning. I'm going to try and workout in the mornings again and leave the evening time opened up. Hopefully for more family stuff.

I'm obviously in much better shape than I give myself credit for. I'm gonna focus on losing fat until I can start to see the six pac. I'll still lift 3 times a week, but the weight and reps will be more moderate. I'm just tyring to maintain what muscle I got until I'm a little skinnier.

Smacking's, and other people's, prodding about my being too tough on myself has started to sink in. My wife is really smart about me too, and I need to remind her of that. Overall, I'm happy as f*ck today, and that's awesome!

* * *
Thought for today
"American Herb Kirk ran 800 meters in 6 minutes, 3 seconds at the age of 95 years old. At 90 years old Buell Crane (American), threw discus 67 feet, 6 inches, and the hammer 55 ft, 8 inches. Look at Jack La Lane 94 years old. All these are examples of great spirit."


WOW!!!! You ARE in awesome shape!!
You should be so very very proud of yourself!!
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