Thursday, April 13, 2006


OK, getting psyched for tomorrow's 24 miles. Running for my kids - nieces and nephews included. I'm realizing that I'm a really good guy. But I have some issues. Mostly around feeling that I have to choose between making myself happy and making others happy. Tough crap. I've tried some things to make myself happy, but it pushes other peoples' buttons and that just f*cks it up for me.

The best thing I can think of is to be by myself. At least I'll get some of that tomorrow. I'm also running for my key relationships, and for a friend who got laid off. I'm going to try and remember things I'm greatful for as well as the problems. I'll try and spend some miles on the strengths the kids have as well.

The bands I play with are funny. One group played on Sunday, and this killer bass player jumped in and rocked, and the group was b*tchin' about him throwing them off, it was actually funny! Then the other group, all Chicanos, was giving me grief for supporting immigrant rights. I asked them if they ever picked fruit, and of course none of them have. I told them, "your fat ass wouldn't eat if it wasn't for Mexicans." They kept going on, it was like the stereotypical conversation with your average "white" people.


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