Tuesday, April 11, 2006


My Son's birthday was awesome! He was part of the uncounted students who walked out of Highland High School. The news reported that NO students walked out of that school. The school worked very hard to give students an alternative to walking out, but also had lots of security out to keep the students in.

Students walked out of Highland, Sandia, Rio Grande, West Mesa, Albuquerque, RFK charter school, and probably others. It was awesome.

There will be more pictures posted throughout the week. Hopefully some posted on NMINDYMEDIA too, but not yet.

* * *
I did a little over 14 miles over the weekend. Most of them in my crappy shoes, so I'm pretty banged up. I'm taking a week off of weights. I'm going to go to a twice a week full-body workout and focus more on losing fat through running - especially now with the good shoes!

I still want to keep some muscle going, but gonna put it second for awhile.

* * *
I'm going to work on helping out with all of the busy stuff going on from now until my daughter's birthday in May. 6 weeks of intense stuff!

* * *
MAY DAY! A day for workers' rights. There's been a call for a Day Without an Immigrant. I hope that we get to a day without workers! This is a good time to remember that May Day was initiated in great part by immigrant workers. And our 8 hour workday, 5 day workweek, and other such benefits came from fighting in the streets for them. So along with immigrant rights, we can also talk about real living wages ($12-16/hour for Albuquerque), a 30 hour work week, better health coverage, and longer vacations to name a few things.


I support the idea of a day without an (illegal) immigrant. Ideally we can find a way to make it permanent.

This country will always have room for legal immigrants who respect our laws and culture and follow our rules, but we cannot reward those who sneak across our borders, steal or forge social security numbers to take jobs away from our citizens, and clog our schools, hospitals and prisons while the rest of us pay the bills.

Legal immigrants SI, Illegals HELL NO!
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