Monday, March 20, 2006

Routines and Fortune Cookies

I was at lunch with a wonderful friend today and we got our fortune cookies and bill. I was talking about the routine I do when I run. And then I got this fortune cookie - "You will find great contentment in the daily, routine activities."

My routine is to do a cleansing breath exercise while I drive to the track. Then I walk one lap and think about things I am grateful for. Then I start running. If I'm feeling good already, I start to think of my goals and what I can do to move toward a particular goal for awhile. Then I spend the rest of the time telling myself things like, "I deserve to be happy," or "All I need is within me now." If I wasn't feeling good before this usually does the trick and I can focus on things that I'm grateful for before the end of the run.

If no one is at the track, I can say all of this out loud, otherwise I say them quietly to myself, but still so I can hear it.


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