Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy List

Just had a great talk with a best friend. We talked about his son's birthday. I told him congratulations. In Chicano culture, actually in most cultures in the US, it wasn't always true that our kids made it to adulthood. Its a big accomplishment on everyone's part I think when our kids make it another year.

Hopefully my siblings and in-laws remember that too!

The other part of it was him telling me what a good and caring father I am. And I have to say thanks. I've done a good job at letting my kids know I love them by word and action. I'm still getting used to accepting compliments, but I hope I did a good job accepting that one.

One thing I've done is to start a list of things that make me happy quickly. Since part of my point in this blog is inspiring and assisting others I think I should share mine.

Here goes:
listening to music - certain songs make me happy immediately
playing music
moving differently - acting as if I'm happy, excited, silly, etc.
singing along with music
funny movies
hugging the kids
hugging and kissing my wife
vividly remembering wonderful experiences
letting myself feel loved (still practicing this one)
hugging and kissing loved ones
telling funny stories
listening to funny jokes
making love
having lunch with good people
remembering successes
remembering good moments
holding hands
watching someone smile
listening to loving voices
being honest
getting stuff off my chest
openly loving others
being in contact with people I care about

My goal is to keep increasing the list, but it's pretty chingon as is, que no?

Bueno Pues,


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