Friday, March 31, 2006


Happy Birthday MB!!!!!!

Things are going well overall. Challenging but well.

My relationships are getting better, and yes sometimes that means more challenging in the process.

I plan on a back workout today. Jogging tomorrow and Sunday. Tomorrow should be interesting. I'll try to go out tonight, jog for 3 hours tomorrow, then go the March downtown! What a day!

My chiropractor said I'm looking like I lost weight. That's cool! And Smacking said I look good! Very nice.

My car stalled and we were waiting for a tow-truck for about an hour before it started again. It was cool to just sit and talk. I like her tons. Its cool, and interesting, that we are closer friends now that she lives far away.

I'm reading another book, it's call Authentic Happiness, by Seligman. is the website I think.

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