Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Had a good bench workout yesterday.

I still have stuff going on on my left side. A more metaphysically inclined friend said that the left is the giving side, and its weak because I give more than I take. I'm starting t think she's correct. I'm noticing where people lean on me more than I lean on them. Its like people dump at me all the time, but cut me off when I start.

Overall things are good. There are some challenges in my life. I was hoping to have more support around figuring them out, but because it looks like a long-term challenge it seems that I'll have to rotate who I try to lean on because it looks like it would be easy to burn someone out. Funny, or not, but I'm noticing where I'm willing to go through lots more hell to help people out than they are me - I guess I'm a little heartbroken there.

Needless to say, the 10 day mental diet is back at day one! But I plan on taking care of the internal temple as much as the external. Its like the days when I think my workouts are not helping, I'm at that point with this mental workout stuff also. But I'm sure in a year from now, I'll be a much happier and centered MoFo.


Smacking, where are you?

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