Thursday, March 23, 2006


I had an excellent leg workout. I got the leg extensions up to 100 lbs! That's the limit suggested by the company. My leg curls and Squats went up also. And as soon as my left leg gets better I'll probably start doing calve raises again.

In the meantime I use the week to heal up and get ready for the weekend runs. I'll be up to two hours this weekend!!!

Things are hectic, but overall things are great. I think I'm starting to learn how to let myself feel loved. Apparently in high school I was emotionally aloof. It's very weird to be reclaiming the full range of emotions. My range for a long time has been - semi-happy, depressed, pissed-off, discouraged, pleased, etc... Except for angry or sad I had been living within a middle-range. I wouldn't go too happy, excited, etc. But it' nice to get that back!

I'm realizing that this week makes 15 months of consistent lifting. Let's see what I look like in May!!!!


Oh, an interesting story
Girl Missing Returns Home
This is inspiring to me because we found my 35 year old brother; y wife found her Mom after 30 years of no contact; it gives me hope that things that appear to have disappeared may actually still be around.

At the workshop I went to in Minnesota a woman friend was telling me about a man who was in love with her since she was 8 years old and hadn't seen her since she was 16, found her and they are starting up a relationship. That reminds me that there really are good possibilities in life.

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