Wednesday, March 22, 2006



OK, I'm actually starting to buy that idea! And that in and of itself is exciting.

Had a great workout on Monday. My chest and triceps are SORE! Listening to "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - the Guns N Roses version, and just noticing how good my life actually is. I looked in the mirror this morning and noticed that the shadows fall differently on my stomach. I'm still fat, but it looks like my ribs may become visible soon! The beer gut is trying hard to stay, but its on its way out. I think I was 99% sure about my physical goals before, but I'm at 99.9% and getting closer to completely confident!

My diet continues to improve. I get beer cravings every once in awhile, but overall I'm doing well with that. Luckily I have Sanford and Son on DVD so I can still not watch commercial TV, but get a laugh in.

My mental diet is going OK. I can't tell if I'm being too tough on myself - more than one of you have pointed out that I am REALLY hard on myself. So I haven't gotten to wiped out, but I don't think I've gotten more than a couple of days in. I'm starting again today! (Now Jimi Hendrix is playing "Johnny B. Goode"!!!)

Someone sent me an email saying how I put a smile on their face. Someone that I don't know that well. And I realized that I am valuable in the world. Then I started thinking of people who tell me I inspire them, or it is because of me that they are doing something different, and other such things. Things that before I would have laughed off as nonsense. Funny, no? So I'm smiling my butt off and actually feeling good.

Wow, last night we just messed around and sang "Mercedes Benz" and now its on my internet radio! "Prove that you love me and buy the next round... So Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz" How funny!

There are somethings in life that I gave up on early. I'm reclaiming some of them. I think this quote will help me along the way.
"It's always too early to quit." - Norman Vincent Peale
Thanks to BillyBoydFan for the quote!!!!

Herman Jr. from AltaVista Recording studio wants to check out the kid's band and get something together for June! How exciting is THAT!!!!

If life was any better, I'd probably freak out! LOL!



You're welcome. :)
Hugs back!

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