Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Back on track! Started my 3 way split workout again yesterday. I was nervous that my shoulder would not be ready. And I wanted to have spotters, but my wife took the kids to 50 cent movie night.

Monday is now bench day, so I figured I'd push the shoulder a little less than my old deadlift Monday. That's now on Friday.

Had a good workout and shoulder doesn't feel bad today. There's gonna be some soreness, but that's to be expected. I kept it light and will build slowler this time around. My goal will be to bench over 200 pounds for my birthday in November! Hopefully while sporting a six-pack!

* * *
Kids seem to be doing fine. I need to feel more rested, but I'll figure that out. I think my brain is still working overtime. But I'm doing better overall.

Finances suck. I'm gonna look into a personal loan or a second mortgage.


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