Thursday, February 23, 2006


Did a good leg workout yesterday. I'm feeling it already! Man, my legs were wobbly and I got lightheaded. I even worked up a sweat in the cold garage!

Hopefully that continues to provide results. I also went and had my bodyfat checked today. For today my weight was 172.5 (up from 167.2), my fat was up 42.74 (up from 40.02) and my fat-free weight was 129.76 (also up! from 127.18). So the good news is that my muscle mass may be increasing. I think the tons of beer I drank during January and the beginning of February are kicking my butt fat-wise. I'll schedule another appointment for May and see how we're doing. The one thing is that people say I look better, and I have to go with that. Also my pants feel a little looser.

The guy said with the closeness of my body fat measurements, it could just be normal error - other than the total weight. My 3 scores were 23.6, 23.9, and 24.8 with a +/-3.5% error possibility. The best thing for me now is shoot for a 5% body fat loss for May! Caray! I think that's 10 pounds of FAT!!! Without losing muscle!!!

* * *
Oh, by the way Americans Work More and Get Less Done!

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