Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Today is the birthday of one of my nephews. I'll call him later on in the morning. He's a bit of a stoner and I'm sure he's not up yet.

I had a good chest workout yesterday. I got to use my anger and frustrations to help with my tricep extensions. If rehearsal is cancelled tonight, I'll go jogging this evening. Otherwise just abs. I was a little sore yesterday from the ab workout I did on Sunday.

* * *
So my family is scared to visit my neighborhood. But I also realized that its not like I get called to check in or for me just come visit, so what's the difference. I'm terrible with reaching out also, so I gotta own that.

Whenever I find another 4 bedroom house with a garage and a nice backyard for $600 a month, I guess I'll consider moving. Until then, I'll be happy with where I'm at. I figure I could run, but I have family that have moved to keep kids out of trouble, and it hasn't helped. Usually it just broke up the family more.

Well, that's it. Still working on breaking some of my negative mental habits.


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