Monday, February 20, 2006


Hey There!!!!

Things seem to be going great! I ran both Saturday and Sunday. Still did my back workout on Friday, and my shoulder seems OK. I'm having sciatica (sp?) issues, but they are getting better too.

A sister and brother took us out to eat last night and we had a good time. Talked about doing a challenge. So my deadline is November (since I've been consistent for so long) and my sister and sister-in-laws' deadline will be April 1, 06. Our goal, I think is a "six-pack." Mine is a six-pack by 11/22/06 and to bench 200 lbs. Then bench 250 by April 1, 06.

I think this should be doable. Recuperating my shoulder and doing this will be a good challenge. I also hope to be able to deadlift or squat at least 1.25 times my bench by then. I think long-term I'll be deadlifting or squatting 1.5, but it will depend on my shoulder. The way it was pulled seems to affect deadlifting and squatting more than benching.

* * *
On a personal note. Things are better. Sounds like my nephew won't be coming over to my house for a long time. That's too bad. I'm trying not to give my sister crap about it. Its her decision. She'll have to deal with it.

I have the challenge of getting the band back together. The time off has kinda derailed us. But this will be a great challenge!

Also, listening to Tony Robbins talk about relationships and body energy. This would be great to figure these things done.


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