Thursday, February 16, 2006


Got my leg workout in yesterday!

Things are REALLY hectic right now, but I'm working hard at making staying positive a habit. I think that somewhere I developed lots of unhelpful mental habits. They probably were useful at the time, but not anymore.

One being my stuff around violence. My kids had to talk me out of going down the street after they got jumped. There's a trap in my mind about backing down and these situations that I'm trying to deconstruct.

Overall, things are good. Got some people angry at me but its alright. I think my sister is pissed because the kids have permission to hang out on the block without calling. It may be good to change that policy, but I'm trying to not hold on to her anger and let it slide by. I'm also trying to figure out the stuff with my adopted family - there's stuff going on about "it's different when it's your kid" and I'm trying to take it as a challenge more than an insult. Being the one who is most regularly not the "real" brother/uncle, etc... it hurts me to think I'm treating someone else as less than real family.


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