Tuesday, February 14, 2006

2/14/06 Happy Valentine's Day

Hope you are having a great Valentine's Day. I'm currently listening to Ugly Kid Joe's "Everything About You" - talk about not the appropriate song for today! LOL!

Had a fairly good workout yesterday. I cut it short to go to the hospital. My Dad's sister is passing away. They thought she would pass yesterday. But she's holding on.

So I stayed up late. But doing OK overall. Gonna take a couple of my sister's their presents today. I got my wife a massage, a coffee mug with bear in it, and X-Men comic (yes she likes that), and I'm going to take her a red rose and a card to work. My sisters will get lotion and a white rose.

Wish I could get to all of my sisters, and sister-in-laws, but I'm already going broke. Got a letter yesterday saying my credit limit on my card is going down becaus I'm behind! Crap, but I'll figure it out I hope.


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