Monday, January 09, 2006


Went running both days this weekend. My wife went walking, she could probably use the run for stress, but walking is better than moping.

Did a killer legs and arms workout on Friday. Will probably do arms tonight, legs on Weds. and arms again on Friday.

* * *
Had a great time rehearsing with the kids yesterday. I talked with them about how much I love music, that Jimi Hendrix saved me as a kid, and all of the other wonderful things that music is and does. We worked on the blues changes in E, we have been working in A up until now. And we worked on a Miles Davis song called Freddie Freeloader. My daughter expressed her dislike of jazz, so I'll change the focus, so we have one jazz tune, one English song, and one Spanish song to work on each week instead of just jazz. I'll also focus on less jazz stuff at home, but use some of the stuff about jazz practice that seems useful to me - working in all 12 keys, etc...

I'm going into the studio tomorrow night. That should be fun. Trying to put a song called Ramona out before Valentine's Day.

I'm still not sleeping worth a crap, my shoulder still hurts, and I still have crying spells - or at least the urge to cry. But I'm less irritable.

I'm more at peace with things than usual. I've expanded one relationship in ways not expected. By just saying my peace I was able to let someone know that even though we're usually short with each other I liked this person and wanted to continue working on being better friends. The other person was in a similar place.

One of my best friends has been listening to me a lot this past week. And had told me she was at peace if I decided that I couldn't handle things and left in any form. We talked yesterday and I told her I'd rather she help me fight to stick around. She agreed, she told me that she'd rather do that but wanted to respect me and my decisions.

Anyway, my Dad always harped on the idea that men in our family didn't make it past 50. My grandfather died at 49, as did his, and my Dad died at 45. Luckily his older brother made it past 50, I think I internalized this message and so I need to let it go.

Anyway, enough for today.


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