Wednesday, January 04, 2006

1/4/06 Retraining

OK, a niece showed up at 4:45 am from Oregon! So this will be a sleep deprivation post on many levels.

I decided around 6pm last night that I need a couple of binges. The thinking positive thing swung all the way back. Its hard for me to think about my parents and growing up it seems. And the frustration of not being as good a musician as I'd like to be gets in the way sometime. The hobbit watcher sent me a nice article about that and I'll post it when I get around to it.

So I was up 'till about 1am, wife couldn't sleep and woke up at 2am, she went into the living room to watch tv about 3am, at 4:30ish I get the call to go to the airport.

One thing I worked through yesterday is that things aren't always fair. That sometimes you'll give more, but sometimes you get more. It just sucks sometimes. I figure that if I keep waiting for things to be just right before being happy, I'll be a grumpy f*** for a long time. My life is just what it is and I figure if I can't try and be happy about it I'm screwing myself.

I've also realized that even though friends are good, and we all need people to lean on, sometimes you just gotta deal on your own.

So I guess after looking at my list of thanks this is the best goal to go for.


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