Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hey, I'm back! In more ways than one.

Not much working out last week. I figure I may start tomorrow with either a leg or arm workout. My shoulder is feeling better. If its feeling good on Sunday, I'll start my old routine back up on Monday. This time I'll change it around. Monday will be bench day, Weds. will be squat day, and Friday will be deadlift day. I may start again on Monday and just keep things light so I can recuperating. A co-worker gave me shoulder rub and said there were a lot less knots in my shoulders than before. Also said there was more muscle - wooo hoooo!

I'll start running again this weekend too.

# # #
As for my mental well being. I think I'm doing much better right now. The roller coaster of feelings has reduced. I'm thinking that I'm letting go of some things.

I'm also learning about people better. Including myself. I think I've been resisting who I am. Just like accepting my body helped me to workout better. Accepting who I am inside will probably help me deal with life better. One thing is to quit resisting my leadership and helping roles in life. That's who I am. And I might actually become OK with it.


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