Thursday, January 12, 2006


Did a good legs workout yesterday. Leg curls, extensions, standing and seated calf raises. Lower back is hurting a little. I thought that maybe its from jogging. It seems to act up more then. Maybe my cheap shoes aren't enough cushion. Maybe I'm still too fat to jog comfortably. I'll keep paying attention to it and see how it goes.

* * *
I'm exhausted. I'm sleeping better. But still having crying spells, and serious mood swings. Days feel insanely long.

Starting to feel like I must appear "pathetic" to those around me. Though I do have a good team of people around me. A friend of mine is trying to get me to go to Seattle for a week of counseling. I don't see the point of taking off now, and maybe not for awhile. A whole week is a long time. The way it works is that you 4 hours of counseling a day. Also, it would be a week off of work time. I don't want to use my leave that way.

Things seem to be getting better on the home front.

Going to be on CCC27 today with the Wild Bunch. Hopefully that will cheer me up some.


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