Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Freakin A, what a ride this new year has started with.

Did a walking video with my wife this morning. Slept much better. Things are looking like they may calm down.

Shoulder is better today. Might do a legs workout tonight.

* * *
Talked with the kids because my sister was worried that my nephew was stressing around my brother-in-law being sick. He wouldn't really respond and all the kids were together. Then I asked them what its like that all 4 parents are stressing out and they talked a little about that. So then I got more specific and asked them about me. They opened up more.

They said it was hard watching because I am usually the happy and stable and not asshole parent. They didn't want to tell me they were worried about me. So I told them its all good and that I may still be stressing for awhile but its alright and that I'll always be around for them.

Well, I'm away from the computer the rest of the day. I'll check in tomorrow.

Keep Lifting!!!

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