Friday, December 23, 2005

Self-Induced Hot Flashes

That's what a friend calls some of the pictures posted on her blog. The BillyBoydFan link is in the left hand blog column on a regular basis.

Here's my version of that, mainly because I've been so serious lately. This is my version of "Eye Candy" for fitness blog fans.

The first one shows how far gone I am!
IronMaster when this is eye candy for you, you've been at this too long!!! Oh, by the way the 20th, Tuesday was my 1 year of consistent working out!

Secrets to Glamorous Glutes. Glamorous, yup that's what I call 'em.

Improve your Confidence (yeah, if I looked like this dude...)

Butt Building. Now it's an issue of construction!

Frank Zane - just 'cause he and Reeves were beating the crap out of the Dorkinator in an online poll on what guys really wanted to look like!

First Ms. Olympia, my homeboys used to drool over Rachel, meanwhile I was more concerned with women that I could actually try to talk to. But now I understand.

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